Becoming an Artist: Art as a Process

Annette Luycx (artist/art educator)

27 juni t/m 4 juli 2014



In this one week course students will work on the development of their personal artistic voice, the process of “becoming an artist”.

Students will explore their personal artistic sources, and will discover aspects of their own style in art making through the discovery of their own artistic cosmos. Although the course is originally designed for visual artists, it is also very useful for artists of other disciplines.

The question we will work on is “how do you find a theme you feel passionate about, and how do you explore it artistically?” The focus will be on the artistic process, not on the end result. Specific teaching strategies will stimulate the imagination and help students to visualize the story they have to tell. Students learn to trust their own life experiences as sources of inspired art making and to distill from these their own themes, images and personal symbols. The method used improves cooperation between the verbal-logical thinking (language and logic) and analogical reasoning (the link with visualization). The result is an increased awareness on all levels: thinking, feeling, and imagining, as well as an increased ability to make connections between thinking, feeling and expressing oneself. 


Students will have a workbook to write about thoughts and ideas throughout the week. They may work with collage and mixed media techniques, or work on a performance, an installation or a painting, to visualize their ideas. On the last evening students will show their work and present their artistic process.



Annette Luycx

After high school, Annette went to France, studied ceramics and joined a theatrical group performing and singing in the streets and on markets along the Côte d’Azur. After a year she returned to Holland, continued to study ceramics, joined theater “Le Cercle” and played in Artaud performances in Het Hoogt in Utrecht. Next she discovered Psychodrama at Dies Community for History Development and explored the area between theater and psychology for three years. Meanwhile she studied Sociology and Women’s Studies at the University of Amsterdam. She moved to Greece in 1985, where she engaged in social research and organized a number of international conferences for various public agencies and NGOs. Besides her work she studied dance (Flamenco and African Dance) and joined a choir. She started to make collages in 1990 and her interest in the Fine Arts has been passionate ever since. She studied art extensively at art schools in Athens, Salzburg and Edinburgh, before entering a professional career as an artist and art educator.  She has participated with collages and ceramics in group exhibitions in Amsterdam, Boston, Baltimore, Salzburg, Edinburgh and Athens. In 2012 she obtained a Master’s diploma in Art Education (at the Maryland Institute College of Art, USA). 


Since 2006 Annette has developed and taught the following art courses for adults in Greek and English:  The History of Collage, Collage and Mixed Media, Contemporary Collage, Themes and Their Sources, From Inspiration to Finished Artwork, Becoming an Artist: Art as a Process, Intermedia, Photomontage, Transformative Art, Paper Art and Street Art.